Scottsbluff proposal

Gary Priest spotted a couple that appears to be getting engaged in the family's vacation photos. Now his wife Bethany Priest is trying to track the couple down.

Gary Priest was sifting through photos from his family's vacation in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, when something caught his eye. 

In a series of photos, Priest spotted a couple that looked to be in the middle of a proposal.

The Papillion man thought his wife, Bethany, would get a kick out of the photos. 

"Isn't this adorable?" he asked.

Bethany Priest wanted to take it one step further. She wants to track down the (hopefully) newly-engaged pair. 

"I would love for these people to have this photo," she said. 

It's possible that the man could have tripped or stopped to tie his shoe, as some people have wondered on social media. But Bethany said she's pretty sure he was popping the question. And based on a photo showing the man's arm outstretched in one shot and the couple taking a selfie in another, she thinks the answer was "Yes."

The Priests, with their 3- and 4-year-old children, visited the Scotts Bluff National Monument in June. Bethany said she thinks the photo was taken on June 22.

They had driven to a parking lot that has paved trails near the top of the bluff. The path in the photo had caught Gary Priest's eye. He snapped several photos from the same spot, adjusting his camera settings with each click. They noticed people milling about on the pathway, but didn't notice the proposal until after the trip. 

The photos show the couple on a paved trail, with the bluff and an arched rock entry behind them. One photo shows the man down on his right knee with his right arm outstretched. Bethany said a second photo shows the couple taking a selfie.

Bethany's posted in a handful of Facebook groups hoping to find the couple. Combined, some of the posts have generated more than 300 shares and about 150 likes.

"It's just sweet and exciting. The internet isn't always circulating good, but this feels pretty good," she said.

Each morning she checks for new comments with leads on the identity of the couple.

"It's nice to think that your life's big moments matter to other people, too," Bethany said.

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