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What is Scottsbluff’s ordinances regarding registered sex offenders? Can they be around children, be at parks, schools, etc.? Where can one find specific offender’s restrictions?

This is a really interesting topic and great question. The City of Scottsbluff does not have an ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from certain locations but there are many cities that do.

Nebraska State Statute has rules and regulations that apply to anyone who is required to register under the Sex Offender Registration Act. Said person must keep their registration current for the full registration period.

A person will be required to register as a sex offender if they are convicted of the following crimes; non-parental kidnapping of a minor, false imprisonment of a minor, sexual assault (1st, 2nd, or3rd degree), sexual assault of a child (1st degree), sexual abuse of a vulnerable adult, incest of a minor, pandering of a minor, visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct of a child, sexually explicit conduct, criminal child enticement, child enticement by means of a computer, attempt, solicitation, aiding/abetting, being an accessory, or conspiracy to commit any of the above mentioned. There are additional offenses that are specific to year of conviction and what is court ordered by a judge. A full list and other useful information can be found at https://sor.nebraska.gov/FAQ

Under the Sex Offender Registration Act, a convicted sex offender who has been convicted of an “aggravated offense” is subject to the lifetime registration requirement. It is up to the sentencing judge to determine whether or not the crime meets the “aggravated offense” criteria.

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registration law itself does not put restrictions on sex offenders. Nebraska State Statute does allow for cities to pass an ordinance which applies to distance from schools and daycares. The individual agency is then responsible for the enforcement action if the ordinance is passed.

The Nebraska Sex Offender registry cannot prohibit offenders from being on social media or other internet sites. However, if you are aware of communication or content you find to be inappropriate you can report it to the site directly.

All registered sex offenders in the Nebraska database are public knowledge and listed on the website mentioned above. You can search by name, city, county, or zip code.

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