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How far over the speed limit do you have to be to get stopped? I’ve heard it has to be more than five. Can you get a ticket for going four over?

In reality, you could be stopped for any amount over the posted speed limit. However; most police academies and departments acknowledge the fact that speedometers can vary within a few miles per hour. That being said, most officers won’t stop you unless you are a few over the posted limit. There is no steadfast rule stating you cannot stop a vehicle unless they are going more than five over the posted speed limit.

Regarding citations, the amount you are over the limit dictates the amount of the fine. 1-5 mph is the lowest bracket which is a $10 fine plus court costs. The next bracket (6-10 mph) jumps from $10 to $25. From there the fines increase significantly with 35 and over being a $300 fine plus court costs. Keep in mind; fines are increased for speeding violations in certain areas such as construction zones and school zones.

How often do officers write tickets for speeding?

Most departments let the individual officer use their discretion on whether to issue a warning or citation. According to available records, the Scottsbluff Police Department issued 980 speeding warnings and issued 121 speeding citations in 2019.

Not all of the data entries specify which bracket the citation falls into, but based on the entries available it looks like most citations were issued for 6-10 mph over the posted speed limit, followed by 11-15 mph.

Can I be arrested for speeding?

Certain situations do allow for an arrest to be made for a speed violation. One of the warrantless arrest exceptions is a misdemeanor committed in an officer’s presence. In most situations, a citation would likely be issued for speeding, however, you very well may be arrested if the situation is deemed reckless driving or if you have had numerous speeding convictions.

With a new gas station going in, what is the speed limit on highland road between 21st Ave and highway 26? There’s no speed limit posted. Going east is 35 mph prior and going west is 45 mph prior. So what is the actual speed limit?

Great question. That stretch of road is not Highland Road; it is a continuation of East Overland. The last posted speed limit sign is 35 mph. Measures are being taken to post a sign within that stretch as well (it may actually be up prior to the printing of this article).

Interesting Finds

According to the most recent data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (nhtsa.gov), speed was a factor in 27% of all traffic fatalities across the United States in 2016. The data showed an increase of total fatalities as well as speed related fatalities from the previous year. Thirty-two percent of 15-20 year old males involved in fatal crashes were speeding. This was the highest of any other age bracket.

Within that same year Nebraska had a total of 218 fatalities; in 36 of those fatalities, speed was a factor.

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