Bonding over doughnuts: Kids enjoy time with dad at Geil Elementary

Jace Johnson enjoys doughnuts with his dad, AJ on Tuesday, Feb. 4. The Geil Elementary Booster Club organized the event ahead of the school day, which parents and kids said was great bonding time.

The snow did not deter kids from arriving at Geil Elementary on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 7:15 a.m. to enjoy doughnuts with their dads.

Geil Elementary hosted the annual Doughnuts with Dad event in the school’s gym, serving five different flavors of doughnuts, milk and coffee.

PHOTOS: Geil Doughnuts with Dad 2020

After grabbing their breakfast, kids found a seat with their dads, grandpas, uncles and mom to enjoy their time together before school.

“It’s awesome just seeing my dad,” said Jace Johnson.

As AJ watched his son enjoy his chocolate doughnut and milk, he was glad the school provided parents with the opportunity.

“It is pretty cool the school gets the dads involved and we get to spend time with our kids,” he said.

Autumn Hahn also enjoyed her doughnut with her brother, Logan, and mother, Stephanie.

“I like that I don’t have to wait in line for a doughnut,” Autumn said. “I picked this one because it’s Gering colors.”

Hahn has been coming to Doughnuts with Dad for five years. Stephanie said throughout those five years, Autumn has kept a tradition since her first visit.

“This is our fifth year coming and she has had that color doughnut every time,” Hahn said.

During their morning together, Hahn said she enjoys being able to slow down and spend time with her children.

“It’s great quality time before the work day and school,” she said. “The morning can get hectic, so it’s nice to slow down for a few minutes and enjoy some breakfast with them.”

Tuesday’s event was the first time Kooper, Hannah and Kerry Wynne participated in Doughnuts with Dad.

“This is our first one this year,” Hannah said. “My brother wanted to do it, so we came.”

Kooper said the doughnuts were good, with his favorite the doughnut topped with sprinkles.

“It’s good,” he said. “I will come back.”

The sprinkle doughnuts were a favorite among the students.

“It has sprinkles on it,” Elias Mendez said. “I like it because we get to eat doughnuts.”

Daniel, Elias’ father, also enjoyed the event.

“I like things like this because I can come into the school and hang out with him,” he said. “I will come whenever I get the chance.”

April and Dominic Nedella also enjoyed spending time together Tuesday morning.

“It is good because it has the best sprinkles on it,” Dominic said. “They’re so good.”

As April watched her son enjoy his doughnut, she appreciated having the opportunity to spend time with her son at school.

“I don’t remember doing this when I was in school,” April said. “It’s nice to spend time with my kids at school.”

There were 30 dozen doughnuts on the tables, which was down from last year’s numbers, but they still have plenty of doughnuts.

“This year, we ordered a few dozen less because of the loss of the sixth graders to the junior high,” parent volunteer Kim Nowatzke said. “We leave the extras for the teachers and deliver some to the district office.”

Rebecca Sexton, who is in her first year volunteering with the Geil Elementary Booster Club, enjoyed seeing the dads spent time with their children.

“I like seeing the kids with their dads,” Sexton said. “I had one dad come up to me this morning and say ‘We started the fun morning in the car.’”

Nowatzke added, “I like to see dads come with their kids because they can get busy with work.”

The Geil Booster Club will host a similar event for moms, aunts and grandmas in May.

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