A 19-year-old Bridgeport woman is accused of breaking into a stranger’s home while intoxicated and choking a 10-year-old boy.

Charges of burglary, a Class IIA felony, and strangulation, a Class IIIA felony, were filed Monday against Dori Schneider. Schneider was arraigned on the charges in Scotts Bluff County Court.

Scottsbluff Police were called early Monday, just after 2 a.m., to a report of a home invasion in the area of W. 20th St and Ave. C. A female caller refused to provide information about where or who she was, but communications dispatchers were able to locate the number. When police arrived, they observed a young woman sitting on the grass in front of the home. The woman went into the home three times. The officer went into the home, where he could hear a woman speaking in a stern manner. The woman denied calling the police, but the officer believed her to be under the influence of alcohol and speaking in slurred speech and her comments were confusing in nature.

The officer learned the woman didn’t know the homeowners and that the woman had forced her way into the home. The door fram and door had been damaged and a woman in the home said she had no idea who the woman was and had not given her permission to be in the home. The woman claimed she had been at a party in the garage of the home, but no party was located.

While the woman had been in the home, she had woke a 10-year-old boy, who said he woke up to loud banging on the door and the woman walked into his room. The woman went over the top of him and used both of her hand to choke him. The boy suffered red marks and said he believed he was going to lose consciousness while the woman choked him.

Outside of the residence, police located a smartwatch that belonged to the homeowner and it was believed that the woman dialed 911 by using the emergency only function on the watch.

When police administered a preliminary breath test to the woman, she had a BAC of .176. She told police she had been consuming alcohol at a friend’s home, but did not know why she was at the home or remember forcing her way into the home. She did recall speaking to the child, but believed him to be someone else, according to the affidavit.

Schneider is next scheduled to appear in court on on July 23. Her bond was set at $20,000.

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