The Mitchell Police Department is still investigating an attack of a Mitchell man by two dogs before pursuing further remedies, Mitchell Police Chief Mike Cotant said Monday.

Cotant said that an elderly man, Steve Livermont, had been walking his dog when two pitbulls approached the man. He put his dog over a fence and the two dogs attacked him. Cotant said one of the dogs attacked the man in the face and the other attacked his arms.

The man was treated at Regional West Medical Center, but has since been released, Cotant said.

The dogs are being held at the Panhandle Humane Society on a 10-day rabies hold. The dogs weren’t vaccinated and they weren’t licensed in the city.

The city can pursue having them slated as dangerous dogs, which could involve having the dogs euthanized. However, Cotant said that the police department is still investigating the incident and will consult with the City of Mitchell attorney. The process is extensive. Though the city has done it in the past, Cotant said the process took two to three months before a judge ruled the dogs could be euthanized.

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