GERING — As the sun shined on the Rock-n-Roll Father’s Day Classic Car Show in Gering Saturday, Lynn Bolzer drove into the show in her father’s 1959 Chevrolet Impala. Her father, Orin Bolzer was killed in a farming accident Wednesday. Lynn said cruising in her dad’s Impala made her feel proud.

“This is quite a send off for him,” said Francine Rogers, Orin’s partner.

Ahead of the car show Lynn said there was no question about taking her father’s car to the show.

“I said we’re going to the show and (Rogers) said, ‘Are you sure?’ I said I’m going with or without you and when they open those gates, that car will be there.”

As the Father’s Day car show encourages fathers to bring their children for a fun day looking at cars, Lynn said Saturday’s event was a final tribute.

“This is the last gift I can give him,” she said. “It’s the last Father’s Day gift I can give him.”

Cars, farming and being around people were Orin’s world and his presence in the local car club and community left a lasting impact.

“Orin was well-liked by people in the car club and community,” said Mike Reynolds, High Plains Auto Club president. “He was kind-hearted and generous.”

On Sunday, June 9, Orin received his first trophy at a car club picnic at the Barn Anew. After they drove to Culver’s for free ice cream, the staff judged.

“He got the Teen’s Choice award,” Rogers said. “Going home he said, ‘I don’t care if I get a trophy or not, but this was kind of fun.’”

The moment was a proud moment for Orin and is a fond memory for his family.

Rogers hopes Orin's daughter will continue in his footsteps by getting involved in the car club to continue the tradition.

Walking around the vehicle, the license plate reads “My 59 17,” which represents the year of the car and his age when he got the car. He drove that car off the show room floor.

“He special ordered it from the kitchen table at home,” Lynn said. “That’s what they did back then. The dealer came to the house and you ordered everything you wanted on that car.”

As the family remembers the fond memories with Orin, Lynn hopes others remembers her father’s heart.

For Rogers, he was a special person who has left a legacy and many memories with his family at car shows, especially one in Deadwood, South Dakota.

“He never had a down moment,” Rogers said. “In all the pictures, he always had a smile.”

As the family mourned the loss of Orin on Father’s Day weekend, his life gave them reason to smile as his car glistened in the grass.

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