Fremont Motor Company incentivizes volunteer work for employees

Fremont Motor Companies is looking for volunteer opportunities for their employees to take part in as part of the Fremont Volunteer Initiative. The company will pay its employees for 16 hours of community service work at a certified non-profit organization or school. Upon maxing out the 16 hours, the employees will receive a $250 grant to gift to the organization of their choice.

Fremont Motor Company is launching a new community volunteer initiative at each of their dealerships. To impart the value of community service to their employees, they have devised a way to make it easier for their employees to volunteer their time for a good cause. The volunteer work must be organized through a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

“This is a program that we’re piloting right now,” said Jeff Running, E-Commerce Director at Fremont Motor Companies. “We’re calling it the Fremont Volunteer Initiative. What it entails is, we are encouraging our employees to volunteer in their community by giving them an additional two days, 16 hours of paid time, to go volunteer at local non-profits.”

In addition to being paid to volunteer at the organization they choose, if they use all of their 16 hours volunteering, they will qualify for a $250 Champion Grant that they can then gift to a non-profit of their choice as well.

Fremont Motor Company kicked off the program on June 1 and it will continue through the end of November.

“If we have good engagement from our employees, then we will double it for all of next year. Then everyone will have four days and receive a $500 grant that they will be eligible for,” said Running.

Like most good businesses, Fremont Motor Companies believes it is very important to invest in the communities they serve and to support and encourage their employees to take part in community service. Part of the requirements of the volunteer time-off is that it must be completed with an organization that is within 50 miles of the employee’s home store.

Running said that in the Lander and Riverton, Wyoming, areas, they’ve had 14-15 non-profit organizations sign up for the employees to choose where to they want to use their paid volunteer time. Organizations can fill out a small form on their website at Then that organization will be added to a list for employees to select from.

Running said, “They can certainly reach out to the store directly if they would like to, but this is a more organized way to keep track of the information and be able to provide that information to the employees. We just wanted to provide an easy way for a non-profit organization to let the store know about their volunteer opportunities and we want to provide our employees with as many opportunities as we can give them. We’re really excited about it. We think it’s going to be a great thing for our communities and a great thing for our employees.”

Currently, only one non-profit organization has submitted a form in Scottsbluff.

“We would definitely like to gain more exposure and expand the participation,” said Running. “We’re always looking for a local cause that we can get involved with to help make a positive difference.”

If you are a non-profit organization looking for volunteers, get on the list by submitting your information online at, or stop by Fremont Motor Company at 1515 E. 20th St. in Scottsbluff.