Star-Herald editorial team celebrates National French Fry Day

An order of Family Fries is brought up to be served at Scotty's in Scottsbluff. Scotty's has been serving French Fries in the Scottsbluff community since 1963. My wife introduced me to the best fries in Scotts Bluff County, or at according to my taste buds, while we were dating. At first I questioned her, didn’t really believe it, but after she ordered two Tasties. I ordered a couple corn dogs and then she added an order for family fries, which she shared with me, I was convinced. The best fries in Scotts Bluff County come from Scotty’s. They are always hot and very yummy. Well worth the wait in line and plenty for a hungry family, of two.

SCOTTSBLUFF — In celebration of National French Fry Day, Saturday, July 13, the Star-Herald’s editorial team headed out to feast on their favorite fries. After satisfying their taste buds, they shared the reason why they chose those fries.

Each team member was to order their favorite fries, get pictures of those fries and explain, in a few short paragraphs, why the fries are their favorites.

Here are the team’s choices. Do you agree?

Scotty’s, Brad Staman

While we were dating my wife, Linda, introduced me to the best French Fries in town, at least according to my taste buds.

At first, I questioned her, didn’t believe it. She ordered two Tastees, I ordered a couple corn dogs. She then added an order of family fries. When the order came, she kindly shared the fries and I was convinced.

Since 1963, Scotty’s golden brown fries have been served up crunchy, never soggy and always very, very tasty. They are well worth the wait and is plenty for a hungry family.

The best fries in town can be found at Scotty’s.

McDonald’s, Jerry Purvis

I probably got my taste for McDonald’s fries during the years I was working in Gering. McDonald’s was only a few blocks from work, so I’d often go there for lunch. Everyone else on the staff groaned when I mentioned them as favorite fries. But when they’re hot, McDonald’s fries are delicious.

Runza, Jamie Rose Chen

Runza fries aren’t just about the fries themselves, it’s about the spirit of the restaurant. I love Runza because it’s where we would go to eat on our drive back home from math competitions in Lincoln, and where I would hang out with friends and laugh over absurd jokes during the summer. Although their fries aren’t spectacular — their onion rings are far better — the measure of something is the memories we associate with them and Runza fries are teeming with memories aplenty.

Backaracks, Mark McCarthy

What’s better than a plate of fries from Backaracks in Scottsbluff? That same plate of fries loaded with chili and cheese! Alas, the chili cheese fries are going away with the new menu. But we’ll always have the memories.

Arby’s, Lauren Brant

As the crisp texture rubs against my fingers, I enjoy a bite of a crunchy exterior and soft interior that make up Arby’s French fries.

Ever since I was little, I gravitated toward curly fries, but none are quite like Arby’s. The zest of the fries is a perfect pair with a Buffalo chicken slider and a Sprite. I think the fries’ seasoning is strong enough to enjoy on its own, but my husband, Dylan, also enjoys the fries paired with Arby’s fry sauce or ketchup.

Arby’s has the best fries, in my opinion, due to the tactile and auditory experience I have while eating them. But don’t take my word for it. Go taste the experience for yourself.

The Union Bar & Grill, Maunette Loeks

Imagine my dismay when The Union Bar & Grill had a limited menu this week due to Oregon Trail Days. Fries weren’t on the menu, but I love The Union Bar & Grill fries so much that they have made my Facebook feed a few times.

One of the best things about The Union’s fries are the crunch. I love my fries to have a little crunch, albeit not too much. The fries at the Union are always the perfect shade of golden brown.

The light layer of seasonings gives an extra punch that makes them better than the rest of the fries on this list, in my opinion.

The only thing that beats the Union’s French fries are the bar’s sweet potato fries. My husband and I love the tangy dip that is served with the sweet potato fries.

And, whether you like French or sweet potato, they go great with burgers on $1 burger night, or with wings.

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