Area students share what they’re thankful for, how to cook a turkey.

As families and friends come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, area third and fourth graders share how they would cook a turkey and what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Today, some of the kids from area elementary schools will tell you how to cook a turkey.

Roosevelt Elementary

How do you cook a turkey?


First you put salt and then after that you put butter. Next you put meat around the butter and then let it sit for a while and then in the end let it cooke in the mikerwave for 6 hours.

Nadia Cross, Roosevelt third grader

First cut off the legs. Than take off the win’s and then pluck off the feathears. After that git the big’s tray you have. Next put it in the oven for 25 minutes or 20 minutes. Finally take it out of the over. Let it cool for 4 or 5 minutes. Finally it is ready you can eat it. — Marivel Gurrola, Roosevelt third grader

First you put the turkey in a pot then you put mixed vege’s with the turkey. Then you put water in the pot. Next you put it in the uvane and wait till 2 hours. Finaly you eat the turkey.

Evelyn Jo Janis, Roosevelt third grader

pumpkin pie-1.jpg

First you roast it and when it is done, you cut it opean and put in spices and stuffing and butter it spice it and then you EAT IT ALL GONE!

Averie Garcia, Roosevelt third grader

Westmoor Elementary

Step one, buy or hunt a turkey. Step two, cook the turkey for 2 hours. Step three, put siseen on the turkey. Step four, buy stuffing. Step five, Put the stuffing in the turkey. Step six, put the turkey on the table. Step seven, eat the turkey

Nadia Cross, Roosevelt third grader

First, buy a turkey from a store. Second, you

preheat the oven. Put the turkey in the oven. After the turkey is done take it out. Finnaly eat it!

Ashlyn, Westmoor fourth grader

Geil Elementary

First you by a turkey. Then you thaw the turkey. Next you put the turkey in the oven fuor a cupule hours. Then perpar it with the other food. Then you can eat it. That how you cook a turkey.

Kian Johnson, 4th grader

I’m going to teatch you how to make a turkey. Frist you go buy the turkey. Next you unwrap the turkey. Then you wash the inside. Then you stuf the turkey. Last you put it in the oven a little bit. Then you take it out. Then you serve it to you and your family.

Meredith Zlomke, 4th grader

mashed potatoes.jpg

To cook a turkey you need to thaw it out first. Then you cook the turkey for 3 hours. Then when it is done you slice it into multiple pieces to serve it. Then you put veggies in it. Then you give it to the people.

Kolton Aguallo, 4th grader

Northfield Elementary

How I cook a turkey. First, you by a turkey. Then, you turn on the oven. Let it warm up for a few minits. Then, put seasonings on it. Like peper seaning and salt. Then, get a big pan. Then, after a few minites for your oven to warm up then put your turkey in the uven. Next look at it. Then, put it back in the uven if you need to. Last, cut the turky up. That’s how you cook a turkey.

Allie Brown, 4th grader

This is how I will cook a turkey. First, I woud git a big turkey. Secend, I woud put seasanings on it. Three, I put it in the oven for 1 hour. Fourth, while the turkey is in the oven, I woud make mashed potatoes to go on it. Last, everybody makes their plates and we pray. Then, we eat.

Finley Rotherham, 4th grader

First, I will go to the stores and buy a small turkey. Next, you put the turkey in the oven for nine minits. Then, you take the turkey out of the oven. Last, I will share the turkey with my family.

Rebekah Mannon, 4th grader


First you have to buy a terke preferrably raw but you can buy a cooked one too. But I am using a raw one. And salt it and peper it. And then you pop it in the oven. Then you cook it for 87 minutes and cook it at 302 degrees.

Bode Berger, 4th grader

Lincoln Elementary

Step one, you get the plates and forks ready. Step two, you cook the turkey in the oven. Step three, you take off the skin and give it to me. Step four, you eat the rest.

Rhyan Buckley, 4th grader

If you hunt for it, you pluk the feters. Chop off the head and feet. Cook the turky. Surve on thanksgiving.

Anthony Bauer, 4th grader

First, you hunt or buy a turkey to cook. Then, you stuff the turkey. Next, you put the oven on 100 degrees. Last, you can garnish the turkey if you want. You can eat it whith other stuff.

Zarrely Sanches, 3rd grader

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