Luna Bean Coffee House is the newest business in town, serving coffee and more. The new coffee house is owned and operated by Anthony and Sierra Parra.

“We researched what kind of business we wanted to start, and decided on the coffee house,” Anthony said. “There’s a little bit of a dry spot on this side of town for a drive-thru coffee house. We will open the drive-thru part of our business in about a week.”

Luna Bean Coffee House offers coffee and other specialty drinks, snacks and sandwiches.

“We serve a variety of coffees. We can mix any type of coffee flavoring, possibilities are endless,” Anthony said. “The one thing we’re currently working on including is a decaffeinated coffee line. It will be coming soon. We also serve coffee shop foods and sandwiches.”

Smoothies are also on the menu at Luna Bean Coffee House.

“Flavor in the drinks is important, and this smoothie is delicious,” customer and former barista Aubrey Kamerzell said. 

Every smoothie is made with fresh fruit, like Applecoado made with apple, avocado, banana, spinach, and coconut milk. Other smoothies include Berry Berry Blue, Just Peachy and Pink Flamingo.

“The one thing we’re trying to push as being a unique coffee shop is our whole food smoothies, made entirely of fresh fruit prepared here,” Anthony said. “The only thing extra in our smoothies is agave (sweetener), which can be left out for those who want to be really healthy.”

Opening during the present COVID-19 pandemic Luna Bean Coffee House serves its customers according to state health rules and regulations.

“We follow the COVID-19 state guidelines for restaurants,” Anthony said. “We care about our customer’s well-being.”

Anthony and Sierra’s concern for others is rooted in their faith and desire to serve people.

“We want this business to be glorifying to God,” Anthony said. “We want to invest in people’s lives.”

“The best part of our coffee shop is getting to know people. We want to serve them and build relationships with them, and have opportunities to witness,” Sierra said. “We designed our shop as a relaxing, family friendly atmosphere.”

Anthony and Sierra’s desire to invest in the lives of others extends to the world as well.

“We have a large map that represents our hope to use the business to help support missions and missionaries,” Sierra, who was raised at a mission in Papua New Guinea, said.

The map isn’t the only unique feature of the coffee house. The business has a distinct table and floor design.

“My dad did all the tables and floor, amazing work. He owns Blue Ladder Epoxy Works,” Sierra said. “Almost everyone who comes in is amazed by the tables and floor.”

Luna Bean Coffee House located at 1722 East 20th St. in the same building as Route 26 Mart.

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