SCOTTSBLUFF — The final phase of a two-year construction project on 42nd Street in Scottsbluff will begin next week.

Crews will close 42nd Street on the east half of the intersection with Fifth Avenue on Monday and begin to work on preparation of the final 200 feet of roadway to be paved. City of Scottsbluff Public Works Director Mark Bohl said there is no pipework to be done with this section of street, and curbs are already in place, so this phase should move quickly.

“We’ll shut it down Monday,” Bohl said. “We should be able to pave toward the end of the week, and in about 10 days, hopefully, we’ll have it all open and have the work down to just the pavement markings.”

The mile-and-a-half project has spanned two construction cycles, but Bohl said that was expected and the process has been smooth.

“The first mile or so, there was sewer and sanitary lines and stub-outs to homes in the event that they may want to connect to our system down the road,” he said. “Once that part was completed, it was just a matter of getting curb and gutter work and sidewalks on both sides.”

Infinity Construction is the contractor for the project, and Bohl has been pleased with their work and timeliness.

“They’ve done a great job and haven’t missed a beat,” he said.

Chip sealing is on the radar for the city next summer, provided the City Council approves the funding in it’s next budget cycle. The $2 million project would cover all residential asphalt streets as well as any main streets that are asphalt. Concrete streets are not chip sealed as the process requires existing asphalt for the new layer to bond. The last time the city streets were chip sealed was in 2015.

“We used to do it all the time,” Bohl said. “Then oil prices jumped, so we’ve tried to stay on this five-year cycle.”

There have been no “blowouts” in the asphalt since the last chip seal project. Considering some of the water events and heavy snows, Bohl said he is pleased with how the new wear surface has held up.

“It’s a great tool to fix up those residential asphalt streets,” he said.

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