A Scottsbluff man faces a number of charges after he allegedly assaulted officers by spitting on them and kicking them as they responded to a domestic assault Tuesday.

Charges against Candelerio Soto IV, 25, of Scottsbluff, stem from a June 23 disturbance in the 100 block of Mary Lane. Soto is charged with three Class IIIA felony counts of third-degree domestic assault and two counts of assault of an officer, and two Class I misdemeanor counts of assaulting a public safety officer by spitting. In court documents, a Scottsbluff police officer said he heard glass breaking on the south side of the residence and yelling coming from the residence as he responded to a report of a physical domestic assault in progress shortly before 4 p.m. As he ran toward the sounds, he said he observed a woman crying on the sidewalk in front of the residence and a man “jogging” toward him while he was yelling with clenched fists.

The man, identified in the affidavit as Soto, was speaking loudly and told the officer that he lived at the home. He was telling the officer that his girlfriend lived at a residence with his mother, he said, and not at the home. The officer said as the man told him his narrative, he “seemingly out of nowhere” got closer to his face and began screaming at him and pushed him. The officer described himself as pushing the man and disengaging while he waited for back up to arrive, however, the man continued walking toward the officer, who tried to maintain 6 feet between himself and the man.

The officer described the man as having an aggressive demeanor and having clenched fists as he continued to walk toward him in a confrontational manner and the officer deployed oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray. Despite the spray and the officer ordering him to back up, he said the man continued to come toward him and he deployed a second round of OC spray.

The officer said the man finally backed off and as other officers arrived, he attempted to affect an arrest. However, he described in the affidavit, the man continued to circle him as he attempted to get close to him and would hit the officers hand away. Another officer started closing in on him and as they attempted to arrest the man, a physical altercation then ensued on the ground. The officer described Soto as continuing to resist arrest, kicking and shoving at the officers. After officers were able to arrest him and began escorting him to the car, he began swinging his head at officers and placing his body in the way of officers. As officers opened the door to the vehicle, the man spit at the two officers. Once in the vehicle, Soto kicked at the patrol vehicle doors and he was placed into leg restraints. He again spit at officers and kicked at officers as they attempted to restrain him.

Officers interviewed the woman at the residence, who described the man as being belligerent and intoxicated. He told officers that he broke items and shoved her. Inside the resident, the officer observed numerous broken items strewn throughout the trailer, including a glass door on the stove, a table, a mirror and other household items.

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