Scottsbluff Police arrested a Scottsbluff woman on charges of intentional child abuse on Thursday, Feb. 20.

Krista M. Dubray, 35, has been charged with three counts of child abuse, a Class III A felony. She was arraigned on charges Friday, Feb. 21, in Scotts Bluff County Court.

Scottsbluff Police began investigating allegations against Dubray after receiving a child abuse neglect intake from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services on Feb. 11. The intake included allegations that the woman had neglected her three children and “displaying behaviors that would be consistent with methamphetamine use.”

Investigators conducted forensic interviews with the children. In interviewing one of the children, a 6-year-old boy, he told police that his 13-year-old sibling prepares meals for the children. He described a friend coming over often and that when the woman visits, she and his mother go to her room and the children are not allowed as they “look out the window.”

At the time of the interview, the child suffered pink eye and described his 4-year-old sister as also suffering from pink eye. The child said that they had not seen a doctor. The investigator also found that though the child had suffered a broken leg in a car crash a year prior, he had missed several doctor appointments at a hospital in Denver. One missed appointment had been as recently as the week prior to the report of neglect had been made to authorities.

During the investigation, investigators interviewed the boy’s sister, who also described her older sibling as preparing meals, which she said was cereal. She also described her mother as being gone for long periods of time.

Police attempted to reach the woman, going to her residence, and to her mother’s residence. Police contacted the woman and advised her of the allegations against her. When an investigator visited with the woman, she described Dubray as being erratic in body movements, wearing sunglasses inside, being unable to sit still and being very loud. The investigator allowed her to leave with her 6-year-old son.

Later, a caseworker interviewed the 13-year-old girl, who had been reluctant to speak, bud did tell the caseworker that she knows when her mother is under the influence of drugs and said the drug use had been ongoing since the family moved to Scottsbluff in December 2018. In a forensic interview, she also described incidences in which the woman had exhibited signs of paranoia. The girl said she tries to focus on her schooling.

A warrant was issued for the woman’s arrest and she was taken into custody. Bond in the case has been set at $45,000. She is next scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 27.

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