Search warrant filings reveal a Gering man arrested Monday shot his 39-year-old son.

Gering Police arrested Eldon “Bubba” Anthony, 67, of Gering, on charges of second-degree assault in connection with the shooting that occurred at Anthony’s home in the 2300 block of 17th Street. Police were called to the home at about 8 p.m., Monday. Police had not released the name of the victim, or his relationship to Anthony.

According to arrest affidavits, police investigators were advised as they investigated the shooting that an argument had occurred between Anthony and his son Philip Anthony.

Search warrant affidavits indicate that as police arrived at the home, Anthony’s wife, Kathleen Anthony answered the door, and police located Anthony and his son, Philip Anthony, in the computer room in the southwest corner of the house. Anthony was tending to his son, and an officer observed that Philip Anthony, 39, of Omaha, had suffered a gun shot wound in the middle of his chest.

The officer also observed a broken bottle on the ground. Anthony told police his son, Philip, had been drinking most of the day and Anthony had also had “a couple of beers to drink himself,” according to the affidavit. Anthony told police that Philip began to argue with Kathleen and the woman had gotten up from the computer room. Anthony alleged his son got up and “told Eldon that Eldon was going to have to shoot him.” Anthony alleged his son had previously assaulted him in the past, and “when Philip made that statement Eldon feared for his life.”

Anthony told police that his son “went after him in what he perceived to be an aggressive manner” and he removed a firearm that had been in the desk. Philip Anthony had been shot one time. Police recovered and secured a gun.

Officers sought to take a breath sample from Anthony, but officers were unable to get a reading. In the warrant, police sought a blood alcohol test. A second warrant was also filed, seeking to search Anthony’s home for evidence in the shooting. A formal complaint has not yet been filed in Scotts Bluff County Court.

Philip Anthony was transported after the shooting to Regional West Medical Center, where police said he underwent surgery. A condition for Philip Anthony was not yet available.

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