SCOTTSBLUFF — Lisa Lofing was just looking to replace her income from a previous job when she started Rusticly Inspired Signs in 2013.

Shortly after, Lofing’s husband, Mike, was able to quit his cabinet business to help full time and the couple have added three employees, including Lisa’s sister Laurie Adams, to keep things going at the company that specializes in wood signs for home interiors.

“I’ve always loved quotes and scripture verses displayed on the wall in visual form, to I thought I ought to try my hand at making signs because those are really popular,” Lisa Lofing said. “I bought a small silhouette machine, which cuts stencils, and I did that at the kitchen table.”

Mike had purchased a laser engraver for his custom cabinet business, and they decided to use the laser engraver as a cutter for the stencils. After Internet sales “blew up,” it was time for a change.

“(Mike) ended up quitting his cabinet job and came on board to do signs,” Lofing said. “Then we ended up hiring employees, which I never dreamt I’d be in that field. I never thought I’d be an employer.”

Today the business averages shipping 75 signs per week and is hoping to increase its local sales.

“We have lots of people around here that didn’t even know we existed,” Lofing said. “We specialize in custom, name signs, things like that. If people have a favorite quote, scripture verse, things like that, we can put that on a sign as well so people can make their home ,,, homey, I guess you could say. It’s an expression of who they are when you walk into somebody’s home, so we feel like that is a big deal.”

Lofing said she has been surprised at how well the business took off.

“We were able to create our own livelihood as well as support other people’s livelihoods,” she said. “We’ve had great successes and a lot of intense learning because of technology. We’re still learning. I had quite a few tears in the beginning trying to learn all of this. ... We learn every day, and we keep plugging forward, and so far it’s been working.”

For more information, about Rusticly Inspired, call 308-641-7247 or visit their website at

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Mark McCarthy is a reporter with the Star-Herald. He can be reached at 308-632-9049 or via email at

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