Torrington Office Supply employee, Gypsy La’More, kicked off the second year of offering summer arts and crafts classes for kids in the community, with Friday’s event, tie dye in the park.

La’More, inspired by her daughter, began offering hands-on activities for kids throughout the summer in 2019 and plans on continuing her summer classes this summer.

“I always try to keep it as cheap and reasonable as possible. I don’t make any money from it, I just love having something for the kids,” La’More said, “I actually had to turn away a lot of people away today, including adults because we were already had 16 kids signed up.”

La’More said the amount of public interested in the first tie dye in the park event didn’t only involve a kids, but also a number of adults.

Due to the large amount of interest, La’More said, she hopes to provide another tie dye in the park event in the near future to involve individuals of all ages.

Planning and organizing her typical activities this year has presented a new challenge, La’More said, as she has been working with the city to provide activities that remain compliant with COVID-19 requirements.

“The city wanted to see how today went,” La’More said.

With uncertainty going forward, La’More said, this first event of the summer was similar to a trial run of following COVID-19 regulations set forth by the city.

With the planning process still underway, she is hoping to bring her classes for kids back to Torrington Office Supply’s location, once she receives more info from the city.

The activities for kids in the past include a long list of arts and crafts, involving a series of activities for kids during Shark Week, a week-long feature of activities about sharks.

“We went to Shark Week last year and it was really fun,” 12-year-old Addison Hansen said, “We painted shark pictures and made cupcakes and we even got to make our own aquariums to put beta fish in.”

La’More said she looks forward to offering the community a number of activities throughout the summer.

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