GERING — The jungle began creeping through the hallways at Geil Elementary all week and into the classrooms after their principal Angela Morris played the game and was sucked into it. The students completed several classroom activities and found clues as they answered the question "Where is our principal?"

The students watched a video of Morris playing Jumanji when her phone rings. After she answers the phone and talks to someone, a glow appears over the board and Morris disappears.

“Mrs. Morris went missing in the game Jumanji,” said Norah Hanley. “She’s our principal and now our room is so green, it’s greener than a leaf.”

At the sound of drums, students listen to the announcement where they receive another clue about what happened to Morris.

During specials, first-graders found a clue.

“In specials we found ants crawling out the door,” said Leomar Vicharra. “They’re probably following Mrs. Morris.”

First-graders completed a dice activity Friday, Oct. 4, to practice their counting skills and colored animals along the maze as they looked for any clues about their principal.

“If we don’t find her, we’ll have to go home and find another school because you can’t have a school without a principal,” said D’miyah Campbell.

Third-graders were in Lisa Gass’ classroom Friday morning learning about buoyancy as they tried to escape the jungle. Using tin foil, students worked in pairs to create sturdy boats to carry as many pennies as possible without sinking in a tub of water.

“We’re learning about buoyancy and making boats to take us on the rivers of Jumanji,” said Gass.

Students learned how having a larger surface area allows them to spread out the pennies and distribute the weight, so their boats can carry more.

“It’s fun building our ship,” said third-grader Kinley Vance.

Brendan Trautman worked with Vance.

“We get stressed if it’s going to hold the pennies in the water,” he said.

Throughout the day, a gorilla would pop in and out of the classrooms. The kindergarten students like the monkey.

“The gorilla is nice,” said Tatum Pittman. “It’s waving at us.”

Pittman added, “Maybe the monkey is trying to get Mrs. Morris out of the trap.”

Holden Harshburger kept track of the clues as he investigated the Jumanji mystery.

“We’ve got to be like Scooby Doo to find the clues,” he said.

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