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WAPA has restored power in Morrill. If you are still experiencing an outage, please call the Comm Center at 308-436-6666.

The Village of Morrill is advising that WAPA is experiencing a widespread outage that is affecting Gering, Morrill, Lyman, Torrington.

According to a Facebook post on its page, all of Morrill is without power and crews are out working on the issue. It may be a few hours before power is restored.

Once the power issue is fixed through WAPA, village officials will notify the public via its Facebook page and those without power after that should contact village offices for repairs.

Residents in Gering also experienced a power outage Friday night due to damage to a power pole and transformer.

The Village of Morrill has also declared a snow emergency. People living along emergency snow routes will need to have their vehicles in driveways or other locations that do not interfere with the snow routes.

Snow routes are:

(A) Nebraska Highway 26 within the corporate limits of the Village

(B) Center Avenue from Railroad Street to Charles Street

(C) Charles Street from Center Avenue to Jefferson Avenue

(D) Madison Avenue from Charles Avenue to Hamilton Street

(E) Hamilton Street from Center Avenue to Madison Avenue

(F) Jirdon Avenue from Hamilton Street to McKinley Street

(G) Hamilton Street from Jirdon Avenue to Walsh Avenue

(H) County Road from Nebraska Highway 26 to Charles Street

(I) Jirdon Avenue from Nebraska Highway 26 to McKinley Street

(J) Howard Avenue from Nebraska Highway 26 to Hamilton Street

(K) Hamilton Street from Howard Avenue to County Road

(L) McKinley Street from Jefferson Avenue to Jirdon Avenue

(M) Charles Street from Jefferson Avenue to Center Avenue

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