WASHINGTON — Sen. Ben Sasse wants the Justice Department to go after Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplices.

The Nebraska Republican on Tuesday released a letter he sent to Attorney General William Barr urging him to “rip up” the “crooked deal” prosecutors struck back in 2008 that offered immunity to Epstein and his co-conspirators.

Epstein’s death by suicide over the weekend means the death of the criminal sex trafficking case against him, but others who were involved in his activities are a different matter, Sasse said.

“Too many of Epstein’s secrets have gone to the grave with him, and the department must not allow his death to be one last sweetheart deal for his co-conspirators,” Sasse wrote.

Sasse, who recently announced he will seek re-election, is chairman of the subcommittee that is supposed to provide oversight of the Justice Department.

Sasse raised the Epstein case at Barr’s confirmation hearing. The senator has pushed the department to investigate the circumstances surrounding the original prosecution of Epstein and the resulting plea deal.

Barr said at a press conference Monday that he would continue the case and pursue justice for Epstein’s victims.

In his letter, Sasse asked Barr to confirm that the department no longer considers the non-prosecution agreement as binding in regards to any co-conspirators.

“The idea that wealth and connections can buy injustice — the only plausible explanation for such pathetically soft terms for a serial child rapist at the heart of a massive international criminal enterprise — is wholly and completely inconsistent with the basic notions of fairness and equality that undergird the rule of law enshrined in our Constitution,” Sasse wrote.

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