LINCOLN — A University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty member was found not guilty Friday of vandalizing a politician's campaign office door in Lincoln. 

Patricia Wonch Hill hugged several friends when Lancaster County Judge Joseph Dalton announced his verdict.

Wonch Hill said immediately afterward: "I'm pleased. That was the correct ruling."

She said the case was about silencing her opinions because they differ from the state's Republican leaders. 

Wonch Hill, a non-tenured sociology researcher at UNL, was accused of putting an inappropriate sign and bumper stickers on the Lincoln campaign office door of U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer.

Prosecutors accused Wonch Hill of taping a couple of “Betsy Riot” stickers on Fischer’s door and a sign that suggested Fischer loves rapists.

Betsy Riot is a group of activists in Lincoln. The rape sign referred to Fischer’s support of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of past sexual misconduct.

The charge against Wonch Hill was a misdemeanor. 

"This was a huge of waste of police resources," Wonch Hill said. "And it was a huge waste of the taxpayers' money."  

The other charge against Wonch Hill was dropped this fall. That was the complaint that she had placed “googly eyes” on campaign signs of U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Lincoln. His name also was altered in one or more instances to “Fartenberry.”

But Fortenberry said his point was made simply by the charge being filed against Wonch Hill. The charge was dropped with the notation that it could be filed again.

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