Ten times around, that’s all. It will be no big deal. Just run, 10 simple circles around a bat, then another short run back.

Maybe not a piece of cake, but how tough could it really be?

It was incredibly tough!

As I walked out to just inside third base, I was asking myself, “Aren’t you smarter than this?”

Guess not!

“But I’m tough, I can do this. It won’t be that bad, it won’t be that bad, it won’t be that bad.”

So there I was, about 10 feet from our ad director, Doug Southard, looking at a guy holding a wooden bat about 10 yards closer to home plate. The goal was simple: get to the guy with the bat, place my forehead on the bat, circle around 10 times as fast as possible, and run back.

The 10 yards was a piece of cake.

I placed my head on the bat and began circling.

“One, two, ...”

I heard someone yell, “Faster!”

On “three” I was having trouble standing and turning in a circle became much harder with each turn.

“Five, six,” someone said, but the numbers weren’t coming as quickly.


I could no longer think, it was everything I had in me just to stay on my feet. I was still going around the bat, but everything in me was spinning at about 1,000 mph.

“Stay focused, don’t throw up, don’t fall down  ...  listen to the count,” I tried to tell myself, but it was all spinning.

“Eight, nine” and then finally I hear the number I was waiting, praying and circling for: “10.”

I dropped the bat and tried to move forward, but I quickly went sideways and hit the grass.

Attempting to get my feet underneath me and rise from the grass, I could see a blurred Doug race past. Then fall somewhere ahead of me.

“Get up! Get moving! You still have a chance,” I tried to tell myself.

I got back to my feet and somehow began moving forward. I was very shaky but I was moving.

I don’t remember if I fell again, or in total how many times I fell, but somehow I was successfully moving toward the finish line.

Doug managed to cross before I did and I don’t remember if I ever officially crossed the finish line. I think I did.

I lost, but I will confess, after my world stopped spinning, it was fun.

Pioneer games are always fun, even if you are not foolish enough to say “yes” to competing in the dizzy bat race.

As the second season draws to a close and our boys of summer head into the playoffs, hopefully to win a second championship, we need to be thankful for the addition of the Expansion League into our market. The games are great, the economic boost is welcomed and the fun times are an added bonus.

The season is drawing to a quick close as the regular season rolls into tournament and hopefully a second championship. We need to cheer on our Pioneers, enjoy the games and keep supporting our team.

Go, Pioneers!

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