Truly…miller time is back in our midst.

This week our precious 90-year-old neighbor said “I saw my first miller just now." And, I noticed there wasn’t much (none) joy in her declaration. She’s a bit of a hero of mine. I miss her husband. They would devote time praying for me, and with me! What a gift from God. With D-Day freshly in our rear view mirror I have reflected anew on the cost of our incredible blood-soaked rights as citizens of this great nation…to speak, the right to bear arms, freedom to name the name of Jesus in forums such as this, etc. With painful recall, her hubby spoke reservedly of his on-site and first hand eyewitness accounts of experiencing the now infamous storming of Normandy…via Omaha beach. We don’t deserve this kind of sacrifice. Nor the sacrifice of Jesus for your sin and mine. Thank you vets! Thank you Jesus. Thank you neighbor.

Millers are a bit of a nuisance. Opening your screen door to a flurry of furry dusty wings, to brownish/orangish little dots on your white door trim.…annoying. Yet, what incredible timing for their entry into this eco-system …it’s “for the birds” as they say. We did that night-time routine thing by strategically placing a stretchy-necked lit lamp over a bowl of sudsy water and then watch them dive-bomb into a growing collection of mothy matter. In the morning I would dump the pail onto our gravel play area under the kids’ b-ball hoop. And the frenzy would begin. Mama fowls and their birdlings would make short work of that watery miller pile. Good timing to nourish the hungry chirpers. Next most fun is stopping at a traffic light, have undetected millers come out from teeny auto-body hiding places to the delight of awaiting starlings, sparrows, swallows and robins competing for the easy pickin’s. It transformed long waits for a green light into a most tolerable and entertaining feathered picnic. Those millers never stood a chance.

God sure cares and provides for His creation. I see why Jesus grabbed the metaphor of His provision for the birds in that great “sermon on the mount” to challenge us with one of His 135 recorded questions: Matt 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? (NKJV) I reckon that question calls for a resounding “Yes!”

It’s miller time once more…it’s a short season and prelude for the arrival of the mosquitoes. Ugh. Most of us have spied a 2019 vanguard miller. Do you like millers? Mosquitoes?

PRAYER NUGGET: I deeply appreciate those who have prayed for me over the years…my neighbor seeing her first miller of the year…my high school janitor who invested in a high school sophomore one November when he (I) received Jesus as his Savior…my Mom, My “Precious” ( bride of 54 years)… many friends in our panhandle and eastern Wyoming. I don’t deserve these Prayers…I am grateful to each of you for your eternal impact on this old boy’s life. Thank you. Lord, teach us to pray…please.

Panhandle and eastern Wyoming…I love you and am praying for you.