There are times we need to stop doing what we’re doing, and just be. Known as “mindfulness”, the skill of staying in the moment is one that is not always easy to achieve.

We are a planning, busy people. Places to be, things that need to be done. Rarely do people complain they have too much time on their hands. Rarely do we sit and notice, really, what, and who, is around us.

Pretty soon days turn into weeks, weeks in months, months into years, and pretty soon we went from where we were to where we are today, not even really being sure how time passed us by.

Yet today we can change that. We can decide to stop now and just be. Be with those who are there, right in front of us. Someday, before we know it, they will be there no more.

And we will miss them and we will miss those days. Children grow up, graduate and move on. Spouses get older. We move houses, sell cars, and kids no longer want to cuddle but instead borrow the car and a few bucks for gas.

So today is the day. Now is the now. Just be. For twenty minutes just sit and be. Notice the air, notice the comfort of the room. Notice the presence of those around you. Just be.

We work hard to maintain all we have, including our relationships. But why do all that work if we can’t sit, for even twenty minutes, and enjoy the results of all our hard work.

So stop reading, and just be.

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Remember, couple relationships are easier than you think, but harder than you act.

Mark Anderson is a mental health therapist specializing in couples therapy. He is in private practice in Scottsbluff at Oregon Trail Mental Health and can be reached at 635-2800 or online at

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