Changes are just a part of life. Whether it’s within our personal lives or work lives, change is a given. And many times there isn’t much we can do about them other than roll with the punches.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle with change. We worry about how that change may affect our lives. We worry if we will like the change. We worry if we will agree with the change. None of which we really have any control over.

So why worry about it? I know that’s easier said than done…

Across the news media industry, those of us who have spent a majority of our adult life in have all seen our fair share of changes over the past 10-15 years. Many we didn’t understand at the time. We were frustrated, scared, concerned and even anxious about where the industry was headed. Some ultimately left the industry all together.

The Star-Herald will be making another change mid-March. As was announced at the end of January, the Star-Herald will become a part of Lee Enterprise after March 16th, along with the rest of the BH Media newspapers.

Changes in business ownership tend to start rumors, which in turn create concerns and anxiety. Will I lose my job, what changes are the new owners going to make, etc…?

But with this upcoming change for the Star Herald, I don’t see much of a change coming. Of course, there may be some behind the scene stuff that changes, but Lee Enterprise has been managing the BH Media newspapers after implementing a management agreement that was put into place nearly two years ago. They already know us, who we are, and how we are doing financially.

The Star-Herald, along with the rest of the BH Media Nebraska papers, are having a really good year. That alone should help staff and their families to rest easy going into this change. And actually, it’s not just good ... It’s great.

I’ve had the honor of working for Lee Enterprise in the past. That too was a change as I was a mid-level manager at the time, working in California for a newspaper owned by Pulitzer Newspapers. Similar to this change, our newspaper company was acquired by Lee Enterprise in 2004. For the next five years, I learned a great deal about dealing with industry change, learning how to do my job better and focusing on succeeding in a career that would ultimately form the rest of my professional life.

Lee Enterprise has a long history of running a successful company. They analyze data and made needed changes to compensate the industry changes we were thrust into.

So as Warren Buffett, owner of Berkshire Hathaway (BH Media) now 89 years old, decided to focus his attention away from his newspaper group and hand over the reins to a company that will treat his paper “right,” we are lucky to be acquired by Lee Enterprise. We are lucky that Mr. Buffett is financing the deal.

Let’s be honest, with his $89.4 billion in net worth, his newspaper group was a mere blade of grass amongst an entire football field, when compared to his other financial dealings. But with Lee, we are a much larger part of the football field, by approximately 50 yards.

So with this upcoming change, am I nervous, concerned, scared, frustrated, etc…? Absolutely not. I don’t fear the unknown, because in this incident I know the unknown. And I’m good with this change.

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