As we close the door on 2019 and open the new door to 2020, many of us will look back on the past decade as very tumultuous, especially when thinking about politics.

But there has been so much more that has changed over the past decade we often take for granted.

Like how much we document our lives across social media. We share with friends, family, co-workers, and, if you have an open account, potentially every living soul on the planet.

Or how about the death of traditional media? Although we now reach more readers through the addition of digital facets than we ever did when we were print media alone, the traditional media aspect of all media has changed drastically.

What about looking at the beginning of automation? Some feel this past decade was a huge push toward a time when humans won’t need to do anything. Sure, that’s a ways down the road, but it is possible.

Global warming? Many feel that this past decade was the time we learned the most about possible global warming and did nothing about it.

The decade of the millennial. Seem like we can’t go a day without hearing the word “millennials.” This generation, which are now all in their younger 20’s to late 30’s, literally have taken over the past decade. Whose next, Gen Z…

The words “Fake News” came to the fore. Although misinformation has been spread throughout history, most will agree that it has become worse with the popularity of social media.

Donald Trump went from being a business man, to a reality TV personality, to President of the United States. No matter how you feel about him, he was definitely a huge part of the past decade.

It was definitely the decade of increased strong expression of opinions. Social media made this much easier to do as well.

And it was also the decade in which the world didn’t end in 2012. Remember that? What about the rise of Amazon? Convenience at your fingertips. Or the decade of the Smart Phone wars?

We can easily argue that this past decade was time when more people became plugged into the internet. Users increased 30% worldwide in the 2010s compared to a 16% growth over the prior decade. Why not, when users can date online, take classes, read news, buy clothes, etc…

Unfortunately, one of the most widely named topics of the 2010s is school shootings. Over the past decade, our country has seen more than 210 school shootings. This surpasses the decade prior by 149 and the decade of the 90s by 147.

A lot has definitely changed over the past 10 years. Some good, some very bad. So, what will you remember the past decade for? And no matter how the 2010 decade left you this past week, may you enter 2020 with happiness and an open canvas for the New Year ahead.

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