As I read and listen to the comments made from and about the women known in politics as “The Squad” it reminds me of a squabble on the playground at an elementary school, “he pushed me” she looked at me, nobody likes me, etc etc etc. When the comment was made that they should go back to where they came from it was simply suggested that they return to their home districts to try to make things better for the people they were elected to represent,

It seems as though politicians are no longer concerned about doing the job they were elected to do but simply desire to stir up conflict so they can stand in front of a TV camera and act as though they are “so offended’, so self righteous and so insulted and never had a derogatory word or thought in their lifetime. Of course many newscasters continue to spur them on with glee as they rush to report “the news as we see it”

I think most of us are sick and tired of all this childishness. Get over it, grow up and learn to behave as adults before you run for office.

Maybe the book “Try Common Sense” should be required reading before running for office or perhaps public schools could offer courses in civility and common sense.

Obviously both are sorely lacking not only in Washington but throughout our nation.

Irene Kraus


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