I am interested to know who holds the city council members accountable? I assume it is the constituents who elected them. After reading this morning’s article (Sunday April 7), I am dismayed as to how two council members failed to submit a required evaluation of the city manager. According to the article, Scott Shaver was unable to be reached and Nathan Green replied “no comment.” How can you be an elected official (paid at that) and be unavailable or make “no comment” regarding a job specific duty. In the private sector, as an employee, there are consequences if I fail to fulfill my job obligations. What are the consequences for elected officials?

Over the past few years I have attended many city council meetings. Nathan Johnson is, in my opinion, doing an excellent job as city manager. He is approachable, engaged and always willing to provide information when asked. Mayor Gonzales is informed and carefully considers issues before making a recommendation or a decision. Terry Schaub, although new to the council, is actively learning the inner workings of the city and Jeanne McKerrigan is a financial expert weighing the cost of various issues. It is disturbing that in two weeks time Scott Shaver and Nathan Green were unable or unwilling to fulfill their obligations as city council members. Scott Shaver has two years remaining in his term and Nathan Green has four ... will this be a city council of three for the next two years? If so, why would we continue to pay the other two? Food for thought.

Joanne Phillips


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