To the Editor:

So our County Attorney, Dave Eubanks, is “stunned” by the incompetence of the finance departments of the Cities of Gering, Scottsbluff, and Terrytown in regards to the Allo franchise fee. What I find even more stunning is that we have a county attorney that believes it is just fine for Scotts Bluff County to unfairly and most likely illegally enrich itself at the cost of the taxpayers.

Obviously, two wrongs don’t make a right unless you’re our county attorney. How about Scotts Bluff County simply choose to do the right thing? Just reimburse the three cities the franchise fees they are owed, the county obviously has the money. I am sure the competent finance department of the county is fully aware that they have a $413,000 windfall unless they have already spent it (money that didn’t belong to them).

Of course, this is going to require some principled leadership so we shall see.

Alan Doll


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