This message replies to the column of Pastor Mitchell printed in the SH of Feb. 19, titled “The sad truth about the president.”

It should have been titled “A political statement disguised as moral assertion.” The pastor’s hatred (perhaps rage) is not disguised, and the column is certainly not balanced.

If it were it might have made comparisons of what the pastor doesn’t like about this president’s predecessors. Examples: How many commandments did Nixon break in route to resignation? How many for the well documented infidelities of FDR, Kennedy Johnson? The more presidents you name, the “transgressions list” will grow longer when comparing bible pronouncements to what earlier presidents did while in office.

After exhausting the “tablets”, the pastor then turns to Romans about waging war. Well, this President has fought the Isis Muslims (a corrosive theology) in Asia where they were beheading Christians – does the pastor have a problem with that? It is now clear to most who accurately report the facts that this President has done more in word and deed to support established religion in the United States than any others recently – do you remember that it was his immediate predecessor who in April 2009 broke the decades tradition of celebrating the National Day of Prayer?

Highlighting “evil” without recognizing “good” is not what Christians are taught — about this I would invite the pastor to ponder Matthew 5: 43-48 which might have the effect of leaving a balanced perspective.

Roy Hahn


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