At last, the Impeachment Trial of President Donald John Trump has drawn to an end. There is nothing satisfactory about the end of the trial, whether you agree with the verdict or not, unfortunately the process has accomplished nothing more than to emphasis the great divide in our federal government.

I fear that the deterioration of civility, which has been occurring for more than the three years of this President’s term, will only become worse. I was appalled when the President of the United States, a powerful position and one that we teach our young children to respect the individual holding that position, did not shake the hand of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. I am sure the Speaker no more wanted to extend her hand than the President wanted to shake her hand, but to act so juvenile and not shake her hand was disturbing. Then, to have the Speaker turn around and tear up the President’s speech, seriously juvenile!

Young athletes are taught to be courteous to their opponents, why can’t the Republicans and Democrats demonstrate such courtesy to each other? The continuous rhetoric from both political parties against the other party must end if we, the people, are ever to hear enough about the issues so that we can make the best choice when placing our votes. Senators Chuck Hagel and Bob Kerry, presented Stewards of Civil Discourse: Value and Impacts on Nebraska’s Future through UNL’s Heuermann Lectures, which is a great discussion in regards to civility, and the lack thereof, in today’s politics.

It is imperative to remember if you are not satisfied with the performance of your local, state, or federal government officials, VOTE. One vote can make a big difference. Do your own research on the candidates, be sure you have read and viewed information from multiple sources, not just the liberal press/TV/Radio or the conservative press/TV/Radio or the brash statements made on social media.

In addition, remember, the election of our federal representatives is not the only offices with candidates. It is very important to carefully consider and research your local candidates for city councils, school boards, county commissioners, etc. Through voting, your voice will be heard (even if your candidates of choice are not elected), and in our country, officials do not automatically remain in office forever, so please, regardless of your view in regards to the impeachment, VOTE.

Denise Wright


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Caroline Hall

I am appalled at the amount of hatred spouted in the Star Herald lately!! Why can't people write a letter without spouting HATRED everywhere. Agree or disagree about our President, but don't be so Hateful about it!! Everyone is entitled to their own views, but please discuss them elsewhere.

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