I hope I have not quoted the term used by one of our health directors by using the word “success” in response to our new guidelines being increased from groups of 10 to 25.

People it seems have been whining about how hard it’s been on our seniors (which I am one) not being able to gather.

At the same time, today’s edition of the Star-Herald reported two new cases, to go along with how many more the last five days or so. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but the last three reports bring it up to 15, approximately?

Look, I know PPHD is trying its very best on this whole epidemic, and I’m in no way blaming them, but we have had our highest total to date in the last 7-10 days on new cases have we not?

To me that is not success. Someone needs to HONESTLY, call it what it is, tell the governor we are NOT ready to implement the new health measures. I’m tired of hearing people say they’re tired of not being able to have a beer with their buddies, go out for lunch with the girls, blah, blah, blah, when it’s quite obvious all this activity is increasing the number of cases.

Personally, I want no one to get the COVID-19 virus. But, when our numbers are increasing, it is not a mystery. People need to curtail their activities and do what the original directives told us to do. If it was just ourselves we were infecting by going out and not practicing social distancing, I could understand, but we put everyone in danger.

It’s not working people. Do the math.

Bruce Armstrong

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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