A public thank you to our Nebraska news reporters is past due. The reporters for this paper, along with the local television and radio stations, work tirelessly — and at risk to their own health — to keep us informed and hold our officials accountable.

Newspapers are hurting financially, and yet we are getting COVID-related stories free of charge on online editions. Our Nebraska news reporters are out on the streets finding those stories even though there are fewer and fewer reporters each year.

These journalists are our neighbors and our friends; moms and dads risking their health to bring us COVID-19, and other, stories. They find the sad stories and the happy ones.

They are the people whose words and voices we wake up to each morning, the individuals who we watch each night. Do not disregard their work. Do not disregard their sacrifice. The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics calls on practicing journalists to “seek truth and report it.” Their code requires journalists to be accurate and fair. It also requires journalists to be honest and courageous in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information.

You are our information heroes.

An added thank you to all high-profile news reporters who are using their visibility to demonstrate that wearing face masks is appropriate and respectful to others. We are lucky beyond measure to have the reporters of this paper and all Nebraska news outlets helping us to think through our current state of affairs.

Janet Bancroft


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