Dear Editor:

This letter is to inform you how disappointed we were with your July 5th edition of the Star Herald. President Trump gave the most outstanding, honorable, interesting, educational and wonderful speech thus far in his Presidency on July 4th.

Where was anything about his speech found in the Star Herald when it should have been big news on Page one? More important issues took up page one’s space like firework sales, a woman accused of stealing, and the Gering transportation chief. We had to look to find anything about the President’s speech. It was way back on page 5 showing the Blue Angels flying overhead. Below the picture was a three column story from Washington (AP) with a very slanted view mentioned by many haters of our President. It was thoroughly disgusting!

President Trump honored all branches of the military, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and it was a phenomenal speech with no political views. He gave a brief history of each branch, spoke of ones who served, or are serving, followed by planes and helicopters flying overhead after each tribute to their branch. Not only did your paper dishonor our President’s wonderful speech, most news media refused to view it, such as NBC, CBS, MSNBC to mention three of the Trump-hater stations.

President Trump has done more good for America than any President in history, and he has accomplished so much with severe opposition every step of the way.

Your Star Herald not putting one word about President Trump’s July 4th fantastic speech on page one is very disappointing, as was the horribly slanted view from the news media. At least it was back on page five, so perhaps not too many people read it.

Watching the celebration was very exciting, uplifting, educational and well worth watching. Praise God Fox News carried it, and Praise God for our President Trump and all he’s doing to “Make America Great Again!”


Joyce Russell, Bayard

EDITOR’s NOTE: As a community newspaper the front page of the Star-Herald is primarily for local events and people.

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