In his letter (3-3-20) Roy Hahn wrote “The pastor’s hatred (perhaps rage) is not disguised and the column is not balanced” Then due to the fact that he could not factually dispute anything Mr. Mitchell wrote he went directly to “Whataboutism” and named Democrats who had engaged in infidelities. This is a typical ploy of those who have not legitimate response.

Mr. Hahn then wrote that “this President has fought ISIS Muslims” but did not mention that Obama had also fought the ISIS Muslims. Where is the balance in this statement?

Mr. Hahn also criticized Obama due to the fact that he did not hold the usual White House ceremony celebrating the National Day of Prayer in 2009 which had been done for decades. However Mr. Hahn neglected to mention that Obama issued a Proclamation honoring the National Day of Prayer on that day. No balance there either.

Had Mr. Hahn truly wanted to be balanced he could have stated that Trump was invited to speak at the Boy Scouts National Jamboree in 2017 and he did in fact speak there but his speech was all about him and what he deemed to be his accomplishments as President as well as making it a campaign speech which is typical of any speech by Trump. He has not been invited to speak to the Boy Scouts again and the Organization had to apologize to the scouts and their parents. Trump also spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this year. His speech there was a political speech as well as complaining about how unfairly the criticism towards him has been and how badly he is mistreated in his mind.

If Mr. Hahn wants balance from others, perhaps he should first practice it himself.

Richard Geist


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