To the Editor:

With disgust I read the article about SBPS settling a lawsuit with a former student and her family for $2.75 million. If in fact there was a cover up by people within the system, including the Board of Education Members, if they were aware of this, their pictures should be on the front page of the Star Herald right next to Mike Klein’s. I also believe they should be held responsible for their actions if there was knowledge while this was allegedly going on.

If anyone was involved in the alleged cover up and, if they are current employees of SBPS, they should be terminated immediately and not given the chance to resign. If this did happen, it should be reflected in their files so that their employ within another system would be negatively affected. If there were employees involved, they should bear the burden for the rest of their life or lives, just as this young lady that alleges the assaults. People that would do this are vile and disgusting at best.

Is our school system safe from within?

John Schafer


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