To the editor:

Being from the eastern part of the state, and Omaha specifically, I seldom get a look at players from the western part of the state since most of our game highlights that are shown on television are somewhat localized.

I regret that I only got to see Sabastian Harsh play one game this season. That young man was a man among boys out on that field on Monday. My son attends Skutt so I made a point to make it to the championship game. What I saw was one of the toughest, grittiest performances by a single player in recent memory.

He literally and figuratively carried that team on his back. He deserved a championship if anybody ever did. Many times people flippantly throw around phrases like “both teams deserved the title,” but in this case, Harsh absolutely and without question deserved a title.

It truly is a shame that he did not win. I’m hoping to be able to see him play again, because he really was very impressive to watch.

JD Koerner


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