To the Editor:

I was unexpectedly pleased to read Cal Thomas’s column in Wednesday’s paper. What he had to say is particularly important in light of the fact that Mr. Thomas’s credentials as a conservative are very much in order. He frequently defends our president from unfair attacks by news media which insist on reporting what Trump actually says. More significantly, Mr. Thomas eagerly proclaims himself to be an evangelical Christian. That puts him at the heart of the most bizarre phenomenon of these bizarre times: how is it that the most vocal element of contemporary Christianity consistently supports that paragon of Christian behavior, Donald Trump? (I have a theory, but it’s better left unsaid.)

What pleased me was that Mr. Thomas–a certified conservative, evangelical, and Trump-supporter–actually suggested what many of the rest of us have been saying for years. You can be a Christian, or you can support Trump, but not both. Of course, he didn’t put it quite that starkly. What Mr. Thomas actually said was “...will it [Trump’s re-election] have been worth it if he continues to appeal to the worst devils that are also in our nature?” This was a rhetorical question. What he was actually saying was that Trump does in fact appeal to the “worst devils” in our nature and, “No, his re-election is not worth the cost” of following a man who revels in his own...don’t make me say it.

So, Christian Trump supporters, how about listening to Cal Thomas, who is clearly one of your own? Show that your Christian faith is more important to you than political loyalty.

John Simmons


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