The Sons of the American Legion put up flags for Memorial Day, Veterans Day and funerals for every veteran buried at the cemetery.

We have concrete bases to hold the flags and they have a steel plug to keep dirt, trash and snow out of the4 holes so we can put the flags up.

Someone has been pulling the plugs out and throwing them. I found them and put them back in when I did the flags for the Monument Marathon. Four days later I put the flags up for a funeral and the plugs were pulled out again.

Please stop this because I don’t have the time to look for them every time.

Another thing is the silver crosses that are for veterans that have passed away. People have been stealing them or putting them on another grave.

They are a cool flag holder but they are only for fallen veterans. Leave them alone and if you have taken one, please put it back. It doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to a veteran.

It all comes down to respect your veterans and how we are honoring them.

Dingus McKee

Sons of the American Legion