Using the 10 Commandments to discredit someone is unwise. No one would “stack up.” Neither would any of the presidential candidates. That's why our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is so important. We can’t even get past the first one, “Thou Shall Not Kill."

Since 1973 through 2015, 50 million abortions documented in the USA, not including back alley abortions or the last 5 years. That number could be as high as 100 million. Extermination of God’s children? What could they have contributed to our great nation, cured cancer, viruses, mental disorders, capable leader? We will never know but we certainly lost a large portion of God's Grace.

Being obedient to “Love Thy Lord With All Thine Heart, Soul and Might” and “Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self” the rest wouldn’t matter. It’s not love I’ve read in the opinion page, contrary just more hate and discontent. I can’t imagine calling another Christian in my church they are less than me because they are Democrat! I am a Conservative and Christian, I respect those Christians that are Democrat. Don’t use it against each other to score points. Time to stop being obtuse.

“We the People” are responsible for our country. “We the People” can’t expect wanna be leaders to set the tone for our conversations. Stop the Vitriol and come together respectfully sharing ideas to move our Great Nation forward. We need to respectfully lend a hand and lend an ear.

This Nation was built on God's word and defeating tyranny. God's word 2 Timothy 3 In the last days there will be very difficult times. People will love only themselves and their money. Be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to parents and ungrateful. Nothing sacred. Unloving and unforgiving: Slander others and no self-control. Cruel and hate what is good. Betray their friends, reckless, puffed up with pride, love pleasure rather than God. Act religious, will reject the power that could make them godly.

Is this where we are or can we move forward as people solving our problems with our Gracious Lord at the helm?

Mike Pickinpough


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