To the Editor:

The American Republic is a very fragile system. It is designed to create consensus. Consensus is based on compromise. It is based on the majority will with protection for minorities. It is not and should not be a winner take all system. The Roman Republic lasted for 500 years before becoming a dictatorship. The American Republic has so far lasted only about half that long. Americans have always placed their support for the Constitution above their political party affiliation. President Trump has been a divider, not a uniter. His loyalty is first and foremost to himself. He always denies responsibility, changes the narrative, and attacks those who would stand in his way. He claims that the Mueller report exonerates him. It takes about 12 hours to listen to or the read that report. Mueller specifically identifies 10 incidents in which Trump obstructed justice. It is more important to read the report than to listen to Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr distort the facts. President Trump self identifies as a stable genius. He defends his friendship with Russian President Putin, North Korean leader Kim, and Chinese President Shee, all of whom are dictators. American generals who’ve worked under Trump, including General Jim Mattis (Secretary of Defense), John Kelly (Chief of Staff), and Admiral Mullen (former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) have all expressed concerns about President Trump’s authoritarian management style. Recently, American and European intelligence agencies have documented evidence that Russia was paying bounties to kill Americans in Afghanistan. President Trump, in the past has said that the Russian invasion and the annexation of the Crimea was well received by the occupied people. He has said that NATO has outlived its usefulness. And rather than create a unified national policy to fight the Corona virus, he has supported 50 different state policies. If the past is prologue to the future, Mr. Trump is in over his head.

Roger Lee Green

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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