In response to the article about keeping the zoo open, I’m for closing it!

In the 25 years I’ve lived here, it hasn’t shown a profit nor has it even broke even. It appears Scottsbluff is ran like Washington DC. ... the wealthy, and they want the taxpayers to pay for it.

If this was a business the doors would have been closed a long time ago and, contrary to Ms. Chaloupka, employees would have to find jobs elsewhere. Not the first time.

The wealthy want to keep the zoo in existence then I suggest those businesses like 21st Century support it themselves. I’m tired of having my taxes raised every year as I’m sure everyone else is too, in part because we are paying for a dead horse.

Close the zoo down and this summer take your kids to Denver or Omaha. The Riverside Zoo is not sustainable in this community. Every year I hear the same song and dance of wanting us to keep supporting a dead horse. Stop wasting our money as we have roads and bridges that are in dire need of attention!

Boyd Dohse


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