Losing our democracy is like going bankrupt. It occurs slowly at first and then all at once. Donald Trump claims Article 2 of the Constitution entitles him to do anything he wants. His actions support his statements. He has consistently violated the checks and balances and separation of powers as set forth in the Constitution. He has set forth promises which he didn’t keep and consistently lied to the American people. He promised a newer, better health care plan. It didn’t happen. He promised a tax cut for the middle class. Instead, the richest 1% got 83% of the tax cut. He promised to show his tax returns. It didn’t happen. In fact, Trump University and the Trump Foundation were exploited to his own personal benefit. Trump has consistently violated the Emoluments Clause by using the government for his own self-enrichment. He is proposing holding the G-7 Summit at his own private golf course rather than the government owned Camp David. Trump is attempting to utilize foreign governments to get dirt on his opponents to be used in the upcoming election. Trump said a trade war would be easy to win. However, he chose to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Trade Pact. But rather than unite countries to win concessions from China, he has chosen to be the Lone Ranger. Trump gave Turkey the green light to evade Syria. In the most shameful act of his presidency, he turned his back on the Kurds. They fought side by side with America for five years. Now Trump says the Turks, Kurds, and Syrians are all very happy. In fact, the butcher President Assad and Russia are the big winners. The question is, will any country trust America in the face of future betrayal? It takes approximately 14 hours to read the Mueller report. Anyone who reads that report will understand it does not exonerate the President. If you take this President at his word, he will lead you down the yellow brick road. He tells you to take him at his word rather than what you hear and see. The Washington Post has documented more than 13,000 Trump lies. An informed public is the only defense against an authoritarian leader and there always be a portion of the population willing to join a cult of personality. Sad to say, this is true even in America.

Roger Green


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