Dear Editor,

I congratulate Shirley for her letter. I was sorry to read James Kulacz response. Donald Trump has given voice to what we Catholics believe in our hearts. The man is a champion for the values and principles which faithful, practicing Catholics hold dear.

He has no fear about saying things which the majority of Catholics believe but are afraid to say in public.

He gives them the freedom to think and act and speak like God-fearing Americans.

Democrat government officials have shown they will use their power to destroy you. They will do whatever it takes to force you to submit to their Godless, secular anti-Catholic agenda.

Hillary Clinton’s 2015 threat: “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed.”

President Trump has become our strongest ally. He has fulfilled his campaign promises to safeguard the unborn, to defend religious liberty, to appoint judges who abide by the Constitution, to protect our borders from terrorist and gang members,and help families by improving the economy.

A lot of this message is taken from the PUBLICATION OF CATHOLICVOTE.

Shirley is very correct when she said “Yes, we wish he was a bit more presidential at times but would not trade that for what he has accomplished in a million years.”

Thank you for your time.

Ruth C. Schmaltz​


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