To the editor:

Ms. Shirley Gillespie of my town (Broadwater) recently wrote of her support of President Trump, with three paragraphs of appeal to the Bible. She notes Mr. Trump has the guts to stand up to Washington’s corruption, despite Mr. Trump campaigning on the idea he would be the first President to profit off the office (and proving it).

No other president ever thought to charge the Secret Service for golf cart rentals.

President Obama’s administration had no indictments or convictions in eight years for corrupt practices. Mr. Trump is approaching President Nixon’s level of corruption and convicted officials.

Rather than appeals to religious faith (which Mr. Trump does not demonstrate, he is on record saying he needs no forgiveness from God), perhaps we should judge the President on what he’s accomplished. Those accomplishments are pretty thin, aside from the rise in right-wing domestic terrorism against Jews, a trade war devastating our state’s agricultural sector, and a disastrous response to a world-wide pandemic disease.

James Kulacz


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