I see a new speed is in place in front of our high school. I personally don’t have a problem with it but I hope there will be a leniency period in place by the police department. I hope that flashing lights and adequate signage will be put in place at both ends of the new zone ( they may already be in place).

I personally will now avoid 27th because I believe it now causes a more dangerous situation. My personal take, maybe it’s time for the Scottsbluff P.D. to get a grant and set up at busy intersections and start writing citations to all the distracted drivers. You can be stopped at any intersection waiting for a light and 8 out of 10 cars that come through are staring at there phones or talking on them.

It is the scariest deal I have ever seen. Even more scary? Watching someone cross the street on foot while staring at their phone. I’m not brave enough for that. Seriously, it’s dangerous out there.put your phones down!!

Bruce Armstrong


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