Star-Herald Biggest Fish Contest Leaders

Noah Shaddick, 10, of Scottsbluff, caught this largemouth bass on July 28 in a private pond west of Scottsbluff. The fish measured 17 inches.

Bass — 22 inches, Melbeta private pond, Aaron Hausmann; 21 inches, Bodie Kumm of Gering; 20 inches, Jaron and Easton Anderson of Gering; 17 inches, Scottsbluff private pond, Noah Shaddick of Scottsbluff

Brown trout — 9 inches, East Hat Creek, Kadyn Warner

Carp — 32 inches, Terry’s Lake, Joe Griffith of Gering; 29 inches, Terry’s Lake, Joel Griffith of Gering; 28 1/2 inches, Winters Creek Lake, Samuel Bowlin; 25 inches, Lake Minatare, Don Helberg of Scottsbluff; 16 inches, Lake McConaughy, Makenna Shimp of Scottsbluff

Catfish — 36 inches, Box Butte Reservoir, Larry Mann of Alliance; 36 inches, Terry’s Lake, Joel Griffith of Gering; 35 inches, Box Butte Reservoir, Jason Randolph of Hemingford; 35 inches, Terry’s Lake, Joel Griffith of Gering; 32 inches, Winters Creek Lake, Jim Kasza of Gering; 24 inches, Winters Creek Lake, Kyler Sides of Gering; 19.5 inches, Morrill sandpits, Craig Lemoine of Mitchell

Crappie — 16 3/4 inches, Lake Minatare, Hunter Kunz of Gering; 13 1/2 inches, Winter Creek Lake, Jace Demeranville of Gering

Northern pike — 38 inches, Lake McConaughy, Scott Sauer of Scottsbluff; 28 inches, Lake Minatare, Roger Tollefson of Gering

Perch — 13 inches, Lake Minatare, Nathaniel Applegate of Minatare; 12 inches, Lake Minatare, Mauricio Maldonado of Gering; 12 inches, Lake Minatare, Pamela Tollefson of Gering

Rainbow trout — 26 inches, Winters Creek Lake, Talon Cordle of Scottsbluff; 21.5 inches, Winters Creek Lake, Tim Grander; 21.5 inches, Winters Creek Lake, Mike Franke; 14 inches, Sioux County private pond, Kadyn Warner

Tiger trout — 10 inches, Wood reserve pond, Kadyn Warner

Walleye — 30 1/2 inches, Lake Minatare, Chuck Stratton of Mitchell; 30 inches, Lake McConaughy, Barney Morava of Chappell; 27 1/2 inches, Lake McConaughy, Daryl Weingart of Alliance; 24 inches, Lake McConaughy, Don Hass of Bridgeport

White bass — 16 inches, Lake Minatare, Samuel Bowlin

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