One Bellevue sixth grader has dedicated herself to helping educate people about environmental protection and national parks.

Joslyn Stamp, 11, has been selected as a Buddy Bison Student Ambassador with the National Park Trust.

The National Park Trust is a nonprofit based in Maryland that works to preserve national parks.

As one of two students selected nationwide, Joslyn became interested in the Buddy Bison program because she was looking for more ways to help the environment.

“My mom and dad have always been outdoor adventurers, and they always take us to Minnesota and we go on so many hiking trails, so that got me interested in nature,” she said.

After an interview process and submitting paperwork, Joslyn became a Buddy Bison Student Ambassador and began her journey of educating people and helping the environment.

“I’m excited because I can tell kids about how amazing the national parks are and all the amazing things you can do,” she said.

One of Joslyn’s favorite Nebraska sites is Homestead National Monument of America in Beatrice.

“They talk to you like they’re from that time period, and that’s one of my earliest memories of national parks,” she said. “That one was really fun.”

Joslyn, a student at Fairview Elementary, is able to stay a Buddy Bison Student Ambassador until she goes to high school.

As an ambassador, Joslyn’s primary duty is to travel to a national park at least once a month. She and her family hope to go to Minnesota, where there are five national parks, and to Yellowstone.

“I go to a national park and I can do activities, go on Instagram and Twitter and (post) about it,” she said. “I also have a blog on National Park Trust and I can write about what I’ve done there, what I’ve seen there.”

Joslyn also will be able to speak at schools and other events around the community in support of the National Park Trust.

Joslyn also earned the 2018-19 Presidential Youth Environmental Award from the Environmental Protection Agency for her Crayola Colorcycle recycling program, and writes for Sports Illustrated Kids.

With this opportunity, Joslyn said she hopes to spread the word about the environment and showcase how “amazing” national parks are.

“It’s important to educate and tell people about national parks and explore them because the environment is such an amazing thing God gave us and there are so many amazing things you can do,” she said.

“It’s good to protect national parks, because if you don’t help protect them, they may not be there in the future.”

To view Joslyn’s blog on National Park Trust, click here .

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