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Retirement planning in today’s world demands much more than having enough money saved up. It’s also about planning for health care and accommodations. Enjoying a rich quality of life while protecting your financial assets is key, but not all retirement communities make that a priority.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are setting a new standard in senior care. The model takes into account different senior needs and how those can change over time. CCRCs have facilities and services are designed to meet those requirements — and meet them as they change.

The Residency at Northfield Retirement Communities, a non-profit organization in Western Nebraska, is one such CCRC. The retirement community has two locations: The Residency in Scottsbluff, and the Vista in Gering. Service and living packages include independent living, assisted living and a skilled nursing facility. 

Financial Perks of Life Care

When retirees come to The Residency, they sign a Life-Care agreement that delivers housing and health services to ensure that their care needs are always met. People pay an entrance fee and enter into a Life-Care agreement while they are in an independent stage, which gives them (and their families) peace of mind knowing that they can always access the care they need. Another advantage is The Residency’s Life-Care entrance fee is nearly half the price of the national average. 

Enrollees secure a monthly fee that is always “locked-in at the independent level, even if their care needs shift. Thus, there are no outrageous care center fees to pay, so retirees can truly plan to continue living without having to worry about switching providers. Instead of requiring retirees to hand over assets, the life care model was designed so residents can protect and keep their assets in place.

Life-Care at The Residency also provides a significant tax deduction. Residents receive a medical tax deduction that’s about 32 percent of their entrance and monthly fee. The benefit can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, saving retirees money in the long run.

There are many financial rewards to enrolling in a CCRC.  The tax deductions are a powerful wealth management tool, while the fixed pricing truly enables people to enjoy a financially secure retirement.

According to a report in Time, there are about 2,000 CCRCs throughout the U.S., and they’ve grown about 7.5 percent over the past decade.

Retire in Style

Just because retirees save money and safeguard their assets with a CCRC doesn’t mean they’re sacrificing their quality of life. The Residency offers a relaxed resort lifestyle with plenty of activities on campus such as gardening, numerous social opportunities and fitness classes. Full-service amenities include a variety of living options — all without hassles of homeownership. The surrounding area also offers plenty of attractions, events and activities. 

Find a CCRC near you by visiting To learn more about The Residency at Northfield Retirement Communities visit or call 308-632-4342.

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