An outfitter based in Lewellen got some great public relations when one of their hats was worn by Kyan Kramer, 11, of Oshkosh, when he went hunting with none other than Husker's Coach Scott Frost.

Jordan Namuth, one of the owners of Outy Obsession, said he didn’t even know Reed Kramer, Kyan’s father, and his family went hunting with Frost. Namuth said Reed told him that the Kramer and Frost families have been friends since the two men's dads went to Boys State together. Reed told him the Frost family has come to hunt with them ever since he can remember.

“It’s not just Scott. His dad came out, and his mom and brother came out to hunt, as well. I’m like, ‘What the heck, Reed? Why didn’t you tell me about this?’ I didn’t know anything about that. He said they like to keep it on the down low,” Namuth said.

He said Frost had reached out to the Reeds to see if he could organize a hunting trip at the last minute.

“He just called (Reed) and said, ‘Hey, I wish it was under better circumstances, but I’ve got some time. I would love to come out and muzzleloader hunt with you guys,” Namuth said.

Prior to the hunting trip, Kyan got a Christmas present that turned out to be fortuitous for Namuth and his company.

“At Christmas, Kyan’s parents Reed and Micki bought him that camo Outy Obsession hat,” Namuth said. “He wanted to wear it to go hunt with Frost, which meant a ton to us because we didn’t know anything about it.”

Namuth said he found out early on Friday, Dec. 27 that Kyan had gone hunting with the Frost family.

“All of a sudden we get a picture over my phone,” he said. “(Kyan) is standing with Scott Frost in an Outy hat. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s amazing.’ I asked them if they got a deer if they could send it to me and post it. Literally, 30 minutes later they had a deer on the ground.”

The now widely circulated picture was then sent to Namuth, who posted it on Facebook.

Namuth said that kind of publicity means a lot to his growing company. Right now, Outy Obsession has an apparel line that can be ordered online, and found in a few select stores such as Ace in Oshkosh. Namuth said the company is hoping to expand into more stores and doing more guided hunts as well.

“Right now, we’re doing hats and apparel. We don’t do many guided hunts,” he said. “We have a lot of leases and we really want to start getting into it next year.

"We took some kids on their first deer rifle hunts. Duck hunting. I’ve taken people goose hunting lately on guided hunts.”

Outy Obsession is the brainchild of Namuth’s. He said the idea came to him after he had been laid off at Cabela’s, where he was a senior art director, and a second time after working at Quad Graphics. It was on a drive home that he threw some names around and landed on Outy Obsession.

“It went from nothing to something in less than a year,” Namuth said.

Outy Obsession is using their success to push for veterans causes.

“We made a blaze orange hat this year for rifle season, upland hunting and deer rifle season — any time you need a blaze orange hat. We dropped it in the beginning of November at the start of upland hunting season and right at the start of deer rifle season. We did two huge orders on those hats. Every hat that is purchased we’re donating all of the proceeds to Wishes for Warriors foundation,” he said.

Wishes for Warriors is an organization that takes veterans on guided hunts, as well as providing other services for former service members.

“I’ve always been a huge supporters of our troops. We have a lot of friends who are veterans. We wouldn’t be here or be able to do what we do today without any of these guys, whatsoever,” Namuth said. “We believe 100 percent in giving back to these guys, because we don’t think they get enough credit.”

Namuth has seen the impact guided hunts can have on veterans. As the western Nebraska representative for Pheasants Forever, he has participated in some guided pheasant hunts with veterans.

“It was like going on an Alaska moose hunt to them. It was a huge deal. They’re eyes lit up and they were thankful all day long. They couldn’t stop thanking us,” Namuth said. “We didn’t do anything. It’s nothing for us to come out here and take you guys (hunting). This is us thanking you guys.”

Jeff Van Patten is the sports editor of the Star-Herald. Jeff can be reached by calling 308-632-9050 or emailing

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